Frühjahrsputz – Ein Boom für Textilreinigungen?
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Spring cleaning - a boom for dry cleaners?

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, spring is here. For many, it's time for spring cleaning. Especially in spring, the home textile cleaning business is lucrative. Textile cleaners might see an increase in home textiles at this time of year, as certain textiles should not or cannot be cleaned in the household washing machine.

April 2023

The list of benefits of home textile cleaning is long. Dry cleaners and laundries can benefit from this and promote spring cleaning to their advantage. After all, there are several reasons for professional cleaning: In addition to dust and dirt, mites and other pathogens such as bacteria and pollen are removed, which minimises health complaints of allergy sufferers and improves the indoor climate. Cleaning improves the appearance of home textiles and removes grey film, for example. In addition, the correct care of textiles improves and prolongs the quality of life of home textiles in the long term, which means that new textiles do not have to be purchased regularly. This saves customers time, money and resources. Textile cleaning thus makes an important contribution to sustainability and the circular economy.

Many customers are sometimes unaware of what is important when it comes to cleaning and care, as there is no reliable care label for many home textiles. This is where dry cleaners, as professionals, can help and advise on the materials and processing of textiles.

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