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Messe Frankfurt: Technology Trade Fairs Worldwide

Discover innovations, develop skills and expand your reach – Messe Frankfurt offers over 80 events worldwide which bring companies together. These include events focusing on technology, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, automation and electronics as well as for event and entertainment technology.


Messe Frankfurt connects 23,000 suppliers with 1.4 million potential customers.

Our technology fairs don’t just provide a window on the future: they provide 23,000 shop windows.


This is where 23,000 international suppliers show off the latest technology and skills to 1.4 million prospective customers. With so many windows, it’s a golden opportunity to shed light on your sectors and technologies.

Don’t conquer new markets, open them up.

Messe Frankfurt provides global marketplaces in upcoming sectors and regions, thus offering attractive business opportunities. As a partner to the capital goods industry, we can help you on these markets. We showcase future technologies on 166 days of the year and open up access to highly dynamic economic regions worldwide.

Global sector expertise

Intelligent building services and security technology, environmental technology, textile care and cleanrooms, power- and micro-electronics, automation and much more besides. Whatever your sector, Messe Frankfurt hosts events that are relevant to you.


Building Technologies

Top trade fairs for intelligent building technology.


Safety, Security & Fire

Trade fairs and congresses for the security technology sector.

Event & Entertainment Technologies

Event & Entertainment Technologies

Events on technical solutions for impressive visitor experiences and audiovisual communication.

Waste bins

Environmental Technologies

Environmental trade fairs and congresses for the modern environmental management.

Sausage products

Food Technologies

Events in the field of processing high quality and safe foods.


Textile Care, Cleaning & Cleanroom Technologies

Textile care, hygiene and cleanroom technology are the focal points of these events.

Discover now: Newsroom Textile Care, Cleaning and Cleanroom Technologies

Electronics & Automation Technologies

Electronics & Automation Technologies

Trade fairs and congresses on technology topics such as automation and microelectronics.

Manufacturing Technologies & Components

Manufacturing Technologies & Components

Highly specialised trade fairs and congresses covering a variety of industry sectors.