Industry sectors

How far can a passion for technology take us?
All around the world.

Be it building and security technology, cleanroom and environmental technology, textile care systems, power- and micro-electronics or automation, Messe Frankfurt hosts relevant events for your sector.

Our list of must-attend events in your sector:

Building Technologies


Top trade fairs for intelligent building technology.

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Safety, Security & Fire


Trade fairs and congresses for the security technology sector.

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Environmental Technologies

Waste bins

Environmental trade fairs and congresses for the modern environmental management.

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Food Technologies

Sausage products

Events in the field of processing high quality and safe foods.

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Textile Care, Cleaning & Cleanroom Technologies


Textile care, hygiene and cleanroom technology are the focal points of these events.

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Discover now: Newsroom Textile Care, Cleaning and Cleanroom Technologies

Electronics & Automation Technologies


Trade fairs and congresses on technology topics such as automation and microelectronics.

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Manufacturing Technologies & Components


Highly specialised trade fairs and congresses covering a variety of industry sectors.

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