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Environmental Technologies

Environmental technologies: solutions for today and tomorrow

Decreasing reserves of fossil fuels, rising global energy requirements, access to clean water, waste disposal and recycling – the challenges of the future are formidable. Currently across the globe 780 million people have no supply of drinking water, around 3.5 million tonnes of waste are produced every day and energy consumption is due to increase by around one-third by 2035. In addition, global air pollution, which is already leading to permanent smog in many large cities in the world, needs to be urgently reduced. The faster the world’s population grows and the higher the standard of living, the more urgent it becomes to find solutions to these problems.

At the same time, the worldwide opportunities that these markets and sectors offer are also growing. Renewable energies and energy efficiency, water treatment and hygiene systems, sustainable waste and resource management – the future requires intelligent technologies and innovative companies that can develop, market and install appropriate solutions.


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