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Trade Show: Texcare International

Hygienic, sustainable, smart and future-proof

Texcare International from 27 November to 1 December in Frankfurt am Main puts the top issues for the sector on the agenda. On the one hand, the coronavirus pandemic has hit textile care hard, on the other hand, it has become an innovation driver for the topics of hygiene, digitalisation and sustainability.

June 2021

Hygiene has always played an important role in textile care. In the crisis, the topic has once again moved into the consciousness of the end consumer. Today, more than ever, feeling good about textiles requires trust in a hygienically impeccable product. Therefore, the industry expects growth in this area not only in the health care sector, but also in the restaurant and hotel industry. Textile care companies were able to prove during the pandemic that they can guarantee regional supply - and even sustainably thanks to their reusable solutions.

The ever-increasing demands of the EU on the circular economy are causing the topics of reusable and textile recycling to flourish. Durable textiles, gentle washing processes, environmentally friendly packaging and innovative projects to turn old textiles into new ones are thus becoming the focus of interest alongside hygiene, also at Texcare International from 27 November to 1 December in Frankfurt am Main.

Digitalisation has also gained immense momentum during the pandemic. Especially in the private customer business, companies were able to score with digital business models such as online platforms. However, the crisis also offers the opportunity to reposition and efficiently prepare for a new start. This is also where automation and digitalisation come into play. It is now a matter of using artificial intelligence to further optimise the flow of goods and data and to improve the interfaces to the customer. Companies can thus track where their laundry is at any time and which processes are used to treat it. Texcare International with the Texcare Forum at the end of the year is the place to discuss these exciting topics and receive important impulses for future-proof business models.

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