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Measure and control

Automatically better: The upcoming Texcare International from 20 –24 June 2020 will focus on artificial intelligence and smart information systems that maximise the productivity of laundries.

Ferbruary 2020

Where? How many? And in what condition? To achieve an uninterrupted laundry flow, data on the quantity, location and quality of the textiles in circulation must be recorded round the clock. This enables prices to be calculated and reveals vulnerabilities. The key here is to interlink all the machinery and plants involved in a process in order to minimise down-times and reduce quantities in circulation. Laundry-sorting robots and smart stock management systems, smart transport solutions and user-friendly apps: At Texcare International from 20–24 June 2020, machinery and plant manufacturers from all over the world will showcase their solutions for the smart laundry of tomorrow. "What you can’t measure, you can’t control! Therefore, we are using artificial intelligence and connected machines to drive automation in the sector and show the situation of laundries in real time", says Martin Rauch, CSO, Jensen-Group.

While the processing of workwear is already highly automated, when it comes to flat linen, in most cases only general information about the quantity, quality and location of the textiles is available. Matthias Schäfer, Product Manager, Laundry Logistics/Smart Laundry Kannegiesser (Vlotho), refers to abandoned laundry carts, waiting times at machines and searches for mislaid laundry as dead capital. "A connected laundry – a 'smart laundry' – contributes to increased productivity, greater versatility and delivery reliability", says Schäfer. Good for customers, good for business, good for the industry: Increasing digitalisation and consistent data linking offer promising potentials that must be exploited.

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