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Four times digitalisation

Every four years, experts from all over the world meet at Texcare International, the leading trade show for the laundry, dry cleaning and textile rental sector. At the next edition of the trade show from 20–24 June 2020, the four top topics have one thing in common: digitalisation.

December 2019

What has changed over the last four years? Digitalisation is finding its way into our daily lives and the workplace. It will likewise have a major effect on the future of the textile care industry. The upcoming edition of Texcare International will focus on four top topics ranging from smart factories, new business models and digital solutions to achieve sustainability to e-learning. From 20–24 June 2020 the world's leading trade show for the laundry, dry cleaning and textile rental sector will once again connect experts from all over the world and stimulate innovation.  

How can production flows and dataflows be connected in an intelligent way? The top topic Smart Factory provides an answer. With 3D camera technologies, RFID chips, robots and AI, modern textile care is highly automated. Thanks to new technologies, machines know which customer a laundry item comes from and implement the correct laundry cycle without human involvement.

An attractive service for many private customers: Online cleaning services and apps that offer a digital all-round service covering pickup, laundry and punctual delivery to a desired location. Business models are also being revolutionised by digitalisation. The top topic New Business Models showcases the fact that in future, the contact with users will be informed by new software solutions and mobile applications. Partnerships with logistics providers will also result in the emergence of innovative collection and delivery services.

In the individual companies, new technologies will create openings for further education and employee loyalty – a trailblazing change especially at a time when skilled staff and new recruits are in short supply in the industry. The top topic New Work – New Learning addresses this trend.

Last but not least, digitalisation offers potentials that help pave the way to a circular economy. Sustainability as a driving force of innovation: Real-time monitoring of laundry facilities, energy efficiency and water recycling are just a few ways in whichh sustainability gains may be made in the laundry and dry cleaning sector. The problems associated with microplastics from synthetic textiles also provide scope for discussion and innovation.

Every four years, Texcare International provides a renowned platform for answers to questions that lie at the heart of the industry. Additionally, the trade show's fringe programme and the Texcare Forum (20–23 June 2019) contribute to the international knowledge-sharing and exchange between experts and business partners.

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