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Conference: MedTech Innovation Forum India

Cleanzone supports MedTech Innovation Forum India

Messe Frankfurt India and Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone are joining forces to launch the MedTech Innovation Forum India on 7 and 8 October in Visakhapatnam in eastern India. The conference aims to bring together national and international key players and stakeholders in the industry and pave the way for India's promising medical technology in the future. As modern medical technology is inconceivable without cleanrooms, Cleanzone supports the conference with important contributions on this topic.

May 2021

India plays an important role in pharmaceutical and medical technology. Experts expect annual growth rates of 7.5 per cent in medical technology there by 2025. To discuss this potential, the MedTech Innovation Forum India organised by Messe Frankfurt India in cooperation with Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone (AMTZ) provides the appropriate setting. The conference is aimed at stakeholders from the healthcare sector and the medical device industry and discusses the important topics of the future, which have also gained in importance due to the pandemic.

In addition to the growth opportunities in the Indian market, the conference will focus on initiatives by the Indian government to promote the local industry, the future development of a supply chain in medical technology, challenges in automation as well as rules and legal regulations. And this is where cleanroom technology comes into play. To meet hygienic requirements, many high-tech medical products must be manufactured in a particle- and germ-free environment. That's why the international cleanroom trade fair Cleanzone is supporting the conference.

Anja Diete, Director Cleanzone at Messe Frankfurt, explains: "We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the success of the conference with our know-how in hygiene and cleanliness technology and our international network. With its growth rates in pharmaceutical and medical technology, India is an important future market for cleanroom technology. We get this mirrored by our business partners."

Cleanzone has been the leading international trade fair for cleanroom and clean technology, hygiene and contamination control since 2012. It will take place for the tenth time in Frankfurt am Main on 24 + 25 November 2021.

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