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Trade show: Texcare International 2020

Long live sustainability

Made-to-last textiles, cyclical processes, resource-friendly technologies. The textile care industry is a trendsetter in terms of sustainability. At Texcare International from 20–24 June 2020 in Frankfurt am Main, numerous companies and associated supply industries will again prove this point with new solutions for ecological and socially acceptable services.

Ferbruary 2020

Who knew? A textile care enterprise uses less energy and water for one wash than the domestic washing machine. And it's possible to use even less. Visitors to Texcare International, which takes place every four years – the upcoming edition from 20–24 June 2020 – will be able to get a precise picture of the progress being made in the textile services sector and pick up important information: According to Netherlands-based CINET Professional Textile Care, a textile care company consumes 17 % less energy than a domestic laundry cycle and at least 35 % less water. Its carbon dioxide emissions are also 24 % lower than those of a domestic washing machine.

Messe Frankfurt's global frontrunner among textile care trade shows proves that the rental cycle conserves both environment and resources. The more durable the textile, the less waste and the lower the demand for replacements. But which textiles are these and what about the chemicals and packaging being used? The use of environmentally friendly textiles such as fair trade cotton is increasing. UV light is being utilised to disinfect and in dry cleaning, solvent mixtures that contain no substances hazardous to the health are replacing tetrachloroethylene (PCE). Wet cleaning for non-washable textiles is on the rise and reusable garment bags are replacing the plastic film previously used to protect goods.

In addition, machinery and plant manufacturers are developing water and heat recovery systems that reduce consumption. Smart sensors and control modules optimise processes and compact machines save space. Innovations such as these will be presented to an international specialist audience at Texcare International in June.

The previous edition of the trade show, Texcare International 2016, attracted more than 300 exhibitors and around 16,000 visitors, more than half of them from abroad.

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