Andreas Schumacher, managing director of German textile care association Deutscher Textilreinigungsverband e.V. (DTV)
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Interview: Andreas Schumacher, DTV

„More effective, resource optimised and sustainable”

Andreas Schumacher, managing director of German textile care association Deutscher Textilreinigungsverband e.V. (DTV).

March 2020

Mr Schumacher, which issues are currently shaping the textile care industry?

New information technologies, artificial intelligence, digitalisation and networking are confronting all industries, including textile services with new challenges and chances. Process control within our industry has already changed considerably with RFID, robotics and apps. By expanding innovative technologies, the textile services industry, particularly, can monitor work processes more effectively and operate even more resource optimised and sustainably. This development, however, is not only shaping the internal processes of laundries and dry cleaners, they also offer customers more service, comfort and transparency.

In 2018, DTV started an internal study group on digitalisation. What advantages and challenges do you think industry 4.0 presents?

Thanks to growing digitalisation and consequent data linkage, work processes and services can be optimised. In order to improve further, our association is working together with “Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum eStandards” on a joint recommendation for the identification and labelling of a piecse of washing across the entire washing cycle, ideally across the entire life cycle. The study group is also targeting improved data flow within the companies, between the machines involved in the individual washing and drying processes as well as logistics.

What in your opinion are currently the most exciting business models?

Presently, there is much talk about disruptive business models also in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry such as apps and pick-up services for private and business customers. This development will continue to be exciting over the next years and in this way make the public more aware of the industry and what it has to offer, also new customer groups will be gained. This will be a major talking point at Texcare.

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